In Bob Corcoran’s world, anything is possible if you want it enough. Let me give an example of one of my clients.

When he was considering hiring me, he said: “Listen, I’ve been stuck for 5 years at 250 to 275.” And I said: “OK, I will agree to coach you if you agree to have a goal of 350 for next year.”

This was in December of the year he hired me, and he flippantly said: “Sure Bob! I don’t like your fees. I think you charge too much.” …

We care about our clients. It’s not just about selling homes. We are all about work-life balance. I can teach you how to sell a lot of homes. But I don’t want to work with a client who is a workaholic because then, I am going to coach a young widow. We avoid that by focusing on operational excellence first.

We customize our services based upon what your wants and needs and desires are. Some of our clients simply will hire us to help them with their exit strategy because they need to retire in 4 years. So we work…

How To Become The Tom Brady of Real Estate

You look at the question of becoming the Tom Brady of Real Estate. How many coaches does Tom Brady have? How many coaches Tiger Woods have, Michael Jordan have?

Coaching is an outside voice to you that is helping you stay on track. No one person has all the answers. However, collectively, when you bring in an outside voice to you, it helps keep you centered, it helps you to achieve your goal, as long as you and your coach are aligned on what your goals should be.

Like with my clients, we do our goal settings, probably in October…

How to Maximize an Exit Strategy in Real Estate

When we take on a new client, we start working with the end in sight. The end in sight means you are eventually going to leave real estate. Either by choice or through death. It is inevitable, you will get out of real estate.

How many more years do you want to do it? I don’t care if you are 20 years old or 50 years old. Eventually, you will get out of business.

We work with all of our clients, helping them determine their exit strategy. We do that in the first 90 days. …

In my professional opinion, establishing your team culture is the most important and effective way to build a dominant real estate machine.

Culture, as Bob Corcoran defines it, is based on the four pillars of a great business:

Pillar #1: You only hire people based on who agrees to embrace your mission statement. You don’t have one? Develop it.

Pillar #2: Hire people that agree to embody your core values. If your team doesn’t have them, develop them.

Pillar #3: Patrick Lencioni wrote a book called The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. This is mandatory reading for all my teams…

How to Out-Recruit Your Competition…

What is extremely important is to ask yourself “Why am I having a hard time, are there good quality people to choose from?” Remember we’re only going to hire people that agree to follow your four tenants of a great business. People to embrace your mission statement, embody your core values, adhere to the five dysfunctions of a team and are self-managed, self-disciplined.

Before you begin recruiting, you better have this culture established on your team. The second question to ask yourself is would I just be better off focusing on increasing each of my agent’s productivity. For example, last…

Every single one of you out there who has had a top producing agent leave, you know exactly the fear I am talking about. How do we retain those top producing agents on our team? Number one, you’ve got to know what your competition is offering.

Is your top producing agent leaving you to start their own company or team? Are they leaving to join another team? You need to understand the root cause of their desire to leave.

Also, despite being independent contractors, you want to make sure they sign a Non-Compete.

Have your attorney draw up an enforceable…

When Is It Time to Bring On a Showing Agent…?

You know the topic of showing agents really has been coming on very strong the last two to three years. They are typically associated with a top producing agent on your team. Like a top producing buyer’s agent, a showing agent, or a showing partner, showing assistant, many different titles but let’s just call them showing assistants, they must be licensed.

Showing assistants tend to be newly licensed people helping a high producing buyer agent or a high producing agent on your team Showing agents works only on the buy side, for the most part. Your buyer agents do the…

Have Plateaued, What’s Next?

We all plateau at one time or another, what does that mean?

Let me tell you a story about one of my clients who plateaued no matter what he did prior to coaching with me. He calls me up and says “Bob, want to hire you to coach me. We’ve talked for the last three years. I’ve never hired you because I thought your fees were ridiculous. I’ve been stuck around 250 transactions a year for the last three years, can you help me get to 300?”

Well, this was on December 16th of that year and I said “I’ll…

How to Hire the Right Team Member…

Let’s start out with the basics of what it means to hire the right team member. My four tenants of a great business and a great team member follow these four principles:

  1. You only hire people who agree to embrace with your mission statement so hopefully you have a mission statement.
  2. Only hire people that agree to embody your core values.
  3. There’s a book out by Patrick Lencioni it’s called the Five Dysfunctions of A Team that should be mandatory reading for every team member within their first thirty days of starting.
  4. Only hire self-managed and self- discipline people.


Bob Corcoran

Are You a Match For Bob’s Coaching? Ask any agent or Team Owner who coaches with Bob and they will tell you straight up he is not for everyone.

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